We love making things at GameCity. Games, doodles, paintings, cakes, fancy dress costumes, songs, all sorts. At last year's festival we thought we’d have a go at creating something really special. But, like with a lot of things we do, we needed some help.

As part of our day of Legend of Zelda celebrations at GameCity6 we made a zine. Curated and edited by Cory Schmitz, Lee Nicholls and GameCity. Featuring work by artists, designers, illustrators, writers and creators all over the world!

Basically, it was a huge success! We got more than enough great submissions to make three 32 page volumes(!)

We printed 200 numbered, large sized copies of the Volume 1: Wisdom and gave them out at Page 45 (the best comic shop, ever) in Nottingham, UK, during Zelda Takeover Day and GameCity6. There was a line of hundreds of people, and the zines were gone in about twenty minutes.

But that wasn't enough! More people should see the Zelda Zine!

All 3 volumes of the Zelda Zine are currently sold out, with no plans for a reprint just yet. BUT, we have super cool plans for the future. Stay tuned.

"In such a dangerous world you may need many things. Select something that you like..."

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